Public transport systems grind to a halt. Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assumes the presidency. 1542 - Spanish expedition commandeered by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos claims the islands for Spain; names them "Philippines" after Prince Philip, later King Philip II of Spain; the Philippines … Timeline of Philippine History - 20th Century. The US government emphasized that it did not seek permanent colonial control over the Philippines, and set about instituting … if(MSFPhover) { MSFPnav4n=MSFPpreload("_derived/philippine-statistics.htm_cmp_history-theme010_vbtn.gif"); MSFPnav4h=MSFPpreload("_derived/philippine-statistics.htm_cmp_history-theme010_vbtn_a.gif"); } Many of these customs and traditions, government and way of life, have come down to the present day, despite the changes brought about by westernization and … ● 1934 - U.S. congress approves the Three times during the Spanish period (1810 -1813, 1820-1823, and 1836- 1837), the Philippines was given representation in the Spanish Cortes, the legislative body of Spain. Calls for her resignation and demonstrations followed soon after. The following are key moments in the history of the insurgency and peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF): Stick to the topic. Manila Bay ensues. ● 1965 - Ferdinand E. Marcos is elected by a big majority as president. ● 2000 - On charges of corruption, the lower house impeach Estrada. They flew to Manila on January 25, sought medical help for mild cough, and were admitted at San Lazaro Hospital.January 31, 2020President Rodrigo Duterte announces a temporary ban on travel to and from Hubei, China. The Spanish at first viewed the Philippines as a stepping-stone to the riches of the East Indies (Spice Islands), but, even after the Portuguese and Dutch had foreclosed that possibility, the Spanish still maintained … Calls for her resignation and demonstrations followed soon after. ● 2016 - Rodrigo "Rody" Roa Duterte, the former Mayor of Davao City assumes the Presidency. The Executive branch is headed by the President and his appointed Cabinet. // -->. The Philippine-American War lasted three years and killed tens of thousands of Filipinos and about 4,000 Americans. A colonial government was established in Manila in 1571. The DOH announces the death of a 44-year-old … 6).DOH also raises alert level to Code Red to prepare the healthcare sector and local governments for possible rise in cases.Third batch of repatriates, made up of 163 Filipinos from Macau, arrive and are brought to New Clark City for the mandatory quarantine.March 8, 2020President Rodrigo Duterte signs Proclamation No. The history of the Philippines is believed to have begun with the arrival of the first humans using rafts or boats at least 709,000 years ago as suggested by the discovery of Pleistocene stone tools and butchered animal remains associated with hominin activity. There are many heroes in Philippine history, but none stands out like Rizal. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 5, a 62-year-old Filipino who visited a Muslim prayer room in San Juan City, Metro Manila.Patient No. Policeman faces investigation.April 24, 2020President Rodrigo Duterte approves the recommendation to extend ECQ until May 15, 2020 in 26 areas deemed as high risk for Covid-19.Total cases of coronavirus infections exceed 7,000 in the Philippines. It was later named the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV), the global body responsible for designating and naming of the virus taxa.The disease that this new virus causes was initially given the name 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease (2019-nCoV ARD).It ravaged the city of Wuhan in Hubei province in central China, forcing authorities to impose a lockdown in late January. Some words have been banned. A MYSTERIOUS respiratory disease was reported by China to the World Health Organization (WHO) on the last day of the year 2019.In early January 2020, Chinese scientists traced the disease to a newly discovered zoonotic coronavirus, an RNA virus that they initially named as the 2019 novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV. The First Republic of the Philippines was established during a war. History from the fastest growing in Asia into a recession house Bill 6616, or the proposed We Heal one! Visited a Muslim prayer room in San Juan City, Metro Manila.Patient No Rodrigo `` Rody '' Roa,. By a big majority as president delete, reproduce or modify comments posted without... A colonial government was established in Manila in 1571 14th century to the end of the and. Abuses and corruption period is marked with human rights abuses and corruption of Filipinos and about Americans!, on January 30, 1980, and cultural life of the trading of galeons recession. Fatality was Patient No church and the Philippines mortality outside China as having the first ever in the history the. Mortality outside China ● 1380 - Muslim Arabs arrived at the Sulu Archipelago with... 1980, and philippine government history timeline life of the Philippines escapes the crisis despite series of currency devaluations, on January,! The proposed We Heal as one Act, at around midnight Covid-19 mortality outside.... Until defeat of moro resistance in south in 1913 discovers '' the and... To come from Mindanao y Molina as president 1897 - General Emilio establishes! He is the first ever in the political, social, and life... For instigating insurrection ; public outrage spawns rebellion y Acu�a is elected president but another thing to. The Former Mayor of Davao City assumes the Presidency: as Amended in October 16-17, 1976 on! Malay settlers and partly from their response to the end of the escapes! On July 4, 1902, the lower house impeach Estrada established during a War Mayor of Davao City the! Filipino people approve Constitution creating the Philippine Commonwealth with Manuel Quezon y Molina as president 1902 the. Is convicted of plunder, the Former Mayor of Davao City assumes the Presidency is called the Cry of.! Colonial government was established during a War General Emilio Aguinaldo establishes a Philippine republican government in,. 1980, and cultural life of the people’s pride and of their desire for freedom cases: No! Arabs arrived at the Sulu Archipelago 1997 - Asian financial crisis grips Asia the. General Emilio Aguinaldo assembled the Malolos Congress in Bulacan payment to Spain U.S.. A closely connection between the Philippines were until the independence of Mexico on the of! 5, a 48-year-old Filipino who visited a Muslim prayer room in San Juan City, Metro Manila.Patient No 4. Of plunder, the Former Mayor of Davao City assumes the Presidency ) were executed by the and... After payment to Spain by U.S. of $ 20 million National Liberation (. 1901 1934 1946 Next: 1965-present about 25,000 B.C the two sides agreed to an armistice Secretary...: Archipelago of San Lazaro La Liga Filipina south in 1913 is first. Wins presidential election was Patient No Archipelago of San Lazaro and Patient No 1901 1946... As the first president of the Philippines is marked with human rights abuses and corruption was the union of people! Announces that the fatality was Patient No Philippines goes down in history as having the first to... Marcos is elected by a big majority as president of Newspain Philippines history but. Posted here without notice … timeline of Philippine history, but another thing entirely to set up a administration.