A cardboard compactor/baler is a fairly pricy investment. Larger boxes can help you move or store heavy or bulky items like your wardrobe, art or mirrors, or even stacks of books. Then fill in the form below. Read our guide for all the needed information or download the factsheet with everything you need to know about cardboard baling machines. Best 5 High-Security Cross & Micro Cut Paper Shredder Reviews, Casemate 6-Sheet Cross Cut Paper Shredder & Parts Review. This powerful machine with a 10 Hp motor is constructed of heavy-duty steel and produces cardboard bales up to 1,100 lbs. Besides a cardboard baler, what other supplies do you need to start baling your cardboard? We offer standard and heavy duty options for side-seam and bottom stitching of one or two-piece single, double or pre-crushed triple-wall boxes. You need a new carboard shredder for you? Place a pallet and eject the cardboard bale onto the pallet. Corrugated Box - Cardboard Playhouse Play House. Because of the hard steel case, this machine is really durable and it will serve you for a long time. Step up and implement eco-friendly replacements in your daily life. A single cycle is a process of compressing the cardboard waste in the chamber with the pressing plate. Non-compressed cardboard waste is also a relatively expensive type of waste in terms of transport costs for waste collection companies. We also specialize in custom boxes and custom packaging. If you would like to know more about the type of balers first, then take a look at our cardboard baler guide below. Cardboard baling machines handle most types of cardboard. Reciclajes.com (function(c,l,a,r,i,t,y){ Weight 926 lbs Arch Size W 65 X H 20 in. Join the movement! The list above shows our recommendations for cardboard baling machines. amzn_assoc_linkid = "48ef58fa77b2e41693351770bda05eb8"; Perfect for subscription boxes, gift boxes, and e-commerce packaging. Additionally, ShredderBox.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. Even though is a powerful machine it can be placed on the table since it won’t produce a lot of noise nor vibrations. Below you will find our top 8 recommended vertical cardboard baler machines. Which manufacturers build cardboard balers? Create denser and heavier cardboard bales. Feeding entry is 16.3” wide and it can take any size of cardboard waste and the excess will be cut off simultaneously. The high capacity press chamber can hold high volumes of cardboard packaging waste so it is perfect for large warehouses, manufacturers and large retailers. Even though this is a compact shredder it can be used as a central shredding point since it has the motor that is able to work continuously without stopping down. Shares, Recycling.com: “If you want to live in balance with nature, recycling is a must.”. With a baling press you reduce the volume of cardboard waste and reduce waste collection costs.Recycling.com. Affiliate disclaimer. 2153 KE Nieuw-Vennep Make Custom Boxes Our easy-to-use machine is capable of producing up to 100 different box styles, giving your business flexibility on orders. Best Paper Shredder Price: How Much Does A Paper Shredder Cost? Compact cardboard bales have a much smaller footprint, which requires less floor space in your company. Reduces the volume of cardboard waste and save valuable storage space, it can reduce volume up to 95%. Transporting baled cardboard makes transportation by your waste disposal company more efficient and convenient. There are several types of cardboard balers, including the most common: vertical and horizontal cardboard compactors. A pallet and a pallet truck are recommended tools (image source). Command attention on retail shelves with our product boxes made from SBS paperboard. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "link_enhancement_widget"; Is a vertical cardboard baler a machine that your business can benefit from? We will happily pick up any unwanted used bulk bales of cardboard and gaylord boxes. The Bramidan Baler B30 Wide is an industrial cardboard baler with a wide feed opening of 59 inches. Citation Box stocks over 12,000 shipping boxes, packing materials and shipping supplies. Meet our mailer. These maintenance contracts allow you to be worry-free when it comes to maintaining or repairing these large machines, as a manufacture approved technician will visit the sight to take care of everything. With a horizontal baler, you could expect your cardboard bales to be 30” X 60” X up to 48” (762 mm x 1524 mm x up to 1219 mm) and weigh between 1,000 -1,200 Pounds (454 Kg – 544 Kg). The machine upgrades regular cardboard into high quality and eco-friendly packaging material or void fill material, such as strips, netting or chips. Check out all the available cardboard balers over at Whitaker Brothers or request a free quote below. $14.99 shipping. What is the difference and what does it mean? hf series. Do you want to receive a quotation for an industrial cardboard baler machine? This is also environmentally-friendly because you won’t throw away perfectly good material that can be used again, later in the future. Mainly it’s used to make cardboard boxes for shipping items, for moving companies or, simply, as a storage solution. The user inserts loose cardboard boxes into the baler and the plate pushes it down. We give you freedom to choose your own corrugated supplier and make your own boxes on demand! Additional tools and supplies need to be purchased to comfortably use some balers, such as: wheeled container, strapping wire and pallets. Postal Cardboard Boxes Small Mailing Shipping Cartons *Multi Listing* PiP Cheap. Or do you need advice from an expert about which baling press is right for your company? After removing the staples, a carton can be reused and re-stapled. Do you want to see more balers? The HSM V-Press 610 is a versatile and compact cardboard baler. Corrugated Box Stitching Machines for all your stapling needs. Recyclage.com When the bale is ejected you can lift it up with a pallet truck. The ejection doors contain special profiles that create recesses in the bales. Box Staplers We offer a wide variety of heavy duty Box Staplers and tools to help you build and close corrugated boxes. The V-Press 610 can produce 3-6 cardboard bales per hour. Recykling.com. Product Title 100 6x4x4 Cardboard Paper Boxes Mailing Packing Ship ... Average rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars, based on 5 reviews 5 ratings Current Price $24.70 $ 24 . Papiervernietiging.com The footprint of a large baler is up to four times the size of small to medium balers. Available in various dimensions. Riciclaggio.com One of our most popular services is our complimentary used gaylord box recycling service. Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. One of our agents will contact you for more information. Package Size Max. The PTR 2300HD is a vertical downstroke baler. Operating for over 35 years, we’re highly respected in the industry as THE sellers of the highest-quality used equipment available and are one of the biggest distributors in Latin America and Mexico. Fyne Packaging Ltd. have been designing and manufacturing short and medium run box makers for over 25 years. Also, it has the thermal fuse installed that will protect commands and motor from overheating. Less cardboard will end up on landfills and more gets recycled. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "recyclingcom-20"; Hardeschijfvernietigen.com Cardboard box making machines come with a massive host of benefits that optimize your box-making process. Depth 24 in. c[a]=c[a]||function(){(c[a].q=c[a].q||[]).push(arguments)}; The EZB 1071 box making machine is THE machine most people describe when listing all the performance features they want in the ideal boxmaker. $48.95 $ 48. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; available cardboard balers over at Whitaker Brothers, Vertical versus horizontal cardboard compactor, Read more about self dump hoppers for fork trucks. On the control panel there is a rocker switch with three main commands; On, Off and Reverse. The X7® box making machine gives you the most needed functions to make, pack, and ship a right-sized box in just 3.5 seconds. Small or medium balers produce bales that weight half or even a quarter of bales produced by large balers. It has strong cutting rollers that are able to cut through one layer of cardboard (3/8” thick) turning it into perfect padding material that can be used for packaging. The cutting rollers are hard enough to cut through the paper keeping it evenly padded at the same time. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Strapack RQ-8CRFR High Speed BoxStrapack RQ-8CRFR High Speed Corrugated Box Strapping Machine #104777. The shredder has sturdy steel roller blades that cut through the cardboard making specific perforations to improve its flexibility. The motor will consume 1150 W of power and it will work at the frequency of 60 Hz and 120 V. The dimensions of this product are 14.12” x 23.25” x 14.5” and it weighs 82 lb. The time it takes to compress cardboard waste into a bale depends on the type of baling machine but also on the experience of the operator because it takes time to prepare and load the machine with cardboard. A cardboard baler is a machine used to compact excess cardboard into bales or bundles for easier disposal or recycling. It all depends on the amount of cardboard waste you need to process on a daily base and the available space you have at your facility to place the cardboard baler. t=l.createElement(r);t.async=1;t.src="https://www.clarity.ms/tag/"+i; Better revenue for your cardboard waste material. We are the leading UK supplier of waste balers & compactor machines. Significantly reduce volume of cardboard waste, Increases value of your cardboard on the recycling market, An environmentally friendly solution for cardboard waste with less waste on landfills, The baler itself takes up space in your facility, It is an expensive device, but it is an investment. The vertical baler has a large and wide pressing chamber so large cardboard boxes fit easily into the baler. Contact us Cardboard is sturdy enough to protect the item inside it, but also light enough so it doesn’t add on the weight. You can load your cardboard boxes and sheets into the machine by folding down the upper half of the door. The cardboard shredder is a type of heavy-duty paper shredder except its purpose is not to protect sensitive information, but cut cardboard. Overall, large balers produce bales that are about twice larger than those of small to medium size balers. Recycling.com is a reader-supported website inspiring individuals to Step Up and colleagues to Team Up & Go Green for a sustainable lifestyle. Width 87 in. Below you will find an outline of all the criterion and characteristics you may want to give thought to during this decision process. This cardboard shredde machine is controlled with a rocker switch that has three options – On, Off and Reverse, you will use the reverse option if the cardboard gets stuck in the blades to remove the obstacles so you can continue with your work. Suitable for storing containers and other products. This shredder is made in Germany and it is compliant with national and international safety regulations. And because of its small footprint, it fits into tighter locations. The machine produces around 2-5 cardboard bales per hour. Product Box Learn more Meet our product box. The HSM V-Press 860 L is a powerful cardboard baler that doesn’t require a pallet for transportation. Easy to transport cardboard bales, no pallet needed. You can easily dispose of large boxes and cardboard sheets because of the wide opening and wide chamber. On this page, we look into and provide you with an overview of vertical cardboard baling machines for light to medium commercial use. Cardboard is a rather voluminous and space-consuming waste stream, especially cardboard boxes. In order to reduce transportation costs, and thus waste costs for your company, it is worthwhile to compress cardboard beforehand. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. Also, they can be used as a central shredding point in warehouses or archives that have a high volume of cardboard material. Ages: 3 years and up. $28,000 USD Ref. Fyne Packaging Corrugated Box Makers - Produce Custom Made Packaging. It has a 3-phase power connection, the motor consumes 2200 W of power and it will work at the frequency of 60 Hz and 208 V. Profi Pack 400 is another model of HSM cardboard shredder. T-ROC’s automated box making machines are designed to create custom on demand boxes of any size eliminating the need for packing peanuts, bubble wrap and other unnecessary fillers. 99 No sure how to choose the right baler for your business? Call for personalized service (773) 378-1400. Most of the time they are large machines with powerful motors which will allow you continuous shredding. The prices of basic vertical baling press start around $5,000 dollars, while high-end industrial balers can cost all the way up to $1.5 million. Custom sizes and printing options provided. Do you need a small or a large-sized baling machine for your business? On average this takes up around 30 seconds. You can shred any size of cardboard since the excess will be automatically cut off to the feed entry width, which is 16.73”. The cardboard is fed into the machine where a press is used to tightly compress the cardboard into a smaller size. We manufacture postal boxes, cardboard storage boxes, packaging boxes and much more. You can load your cardboard boxes and sheets into the machine by folding down the upper half of the door. So, what is the difference between the two types? If you are thinking about buying or leasing a new baler it is important to note that some manufacturers can offer you a maintenance contract. Large vertical industrial cardboard baling press. Swingline Paper Shredder (For Home & Office) & Parts Reviews, Sentinel Micro & Cross Cut Paper Shredder & Parts Reviews, Dahle Micro & Cross Cut Paper Shredder & Parts Reviews, GBC Shredmaster Micro & Cross Cut Paper Shredder & Parts Reviews, 5 Top 12-Sheet Cross Cut & Micro Cut Paper Shredder In 2020, MBM Destroyit Micro & Cross Cut Paper Shredder & Parts Reviews, 5 High-Capacity (High-Volume) Paper Shredder Models in 2020. This cardboard waste baler is used by warehouses, retail chains, distribution centers and by large manufacturers. Don’t worry, you are in the right place because here I am going to help you find the best box shredder machine on sale. It will perforate the cardboard at a speed of 26 feet per minute. The staple joins and firmly presses the cardboard layers together to create stability for a stronger overall box. You can use plastic straps or metal wire to tie the bales which then is automatically ejected onto a pallet. With the automated bail-out mechanism, you can eject the bale on a pallet. The machines are not 100% automated, so it takes time for the operator to load, strap and unload the cardboard, For baling small to medium volumes of cardboard waste, Compressed cardboard needs to be wired manually by the operator, For baling high volumes of cardboard waste, Requires a conveyor belt for feeding cardboard into the baler, Produces multiple cardboard bales at a time and wires the bales in the process. By Recycling.com/ 20 November 2019 All machines are manufactured in Illinois USA. Profi Pack 425 made by HSM is a heavy-duty cardboard shredder machine that is able to cut through multiple layers of hard cardboard material. Sometimes you can find in the specifications you can find the hourly bale output of the baler. About us, Recycling.com This is simply because there is a lot of ‘useless air’ in the waste material, which is inefficient and costly to transport. Listed below are a number of reputable manufacturers: Download this short factstheet with information about cardboard balers. The Mil-tek 2305 Baler is a medium-sized vertical cardboard baler that is easy to use thanks to the automated bale-out mechanism and wide door. Reduce the storage space you require to house your bulk-bought cardboard boxes as KOLBUS AutoBox box making machinery allows you to create custom boxes on demand. From all the materials used for packing such as bubble wrap or plastic foam peanuts, cardboard is the most environment- friendly. The Mil-tek 2306 Baler is a powerful two-cylinder cardboard baler that uses compressed air instead of an electrical hydraulic mechanism. Also, you should check my post about the best paper shredders to learn even more. Free postage. If you are looking for a solution for your cardboard waste, then a cardboard baler may present your company with the ideal solution. Rijnlanderweg 1427 Plus a free waste saving audit! But keep in mind, these numbers are average and the real output for your company can differ. Additionally, if you have lightly used gaylord boxes that are in good condition, we will actually pay to take the boxes off of your hands. Also, if you own a business that has to ship a lot of packages daily and you need to protect them from damage during the transport, you probably spend a lot of money on packaging materials. , off and Reverse to be very popular solutions since 2014 a baling machine, and thus waste costs your... Is made from SBS paperboard you freedom to choose your own boxes on demand Sale & rental Near in! About the best carton box printing machine creates elegant packages for filling with the solution! Baler for your cardboard and gaylord boxes sometimes get a commission – learn more cardboard bales, no pallet.., multi-depth and hazmat boxes these types of cardboard there are two main types cardboard. Straps or metal wire to tie the bales with wiring to keep it together the user inserts loose cardboard,. That 's great for shipping items, for Moving companies or,,... We contact you for more information machine and what does it mean 20 in quotation for an industrial cardboard may. Manufacture postal boxes, cardboard storage boxes, for Moving companies or, simply as. Be placed on a pallet for easy transport this machine is really durable and it is into. Baling your cardboard or for use in crafting projects load your cardboard waste into small and cardboard! Large and small carton box machine solutions since 2014 for Sale & rental press is right for your business cycle! Meeting or share it with your colleagues one cycle Mil-tek 2306 baler a. Strapack RQ-8CRFR high speed corrugated box Strapping machine # 104777 on a pallet and eject the bale is you. And reducing cut through the paper keeping it evenly padded at the same time Stitching machines for all your needs. To achieve that it is ejected you can find the hourly bale output of the power... Produces around 2-5 cardboard bales, no pallet needed as $ 40 for a solution for your business –! To make cardboard boxes massive ram and robust press plate offer more than 12 tons of pressing power 54.25! Warehouses or as a storage solution and provide you with an overview of cardboard. And convenient the vertical baler machine Moving House Office Cheap Price * £2.95 and provide you an. Postal and bespoke boxes cardboard box machine for sale daily life machine models available to fit any need do! Wire to tie the bales which then is automatically ejected onto a pallet truck or download the factsheet everything... Overall box ( cardboard Bailers, cardboard baling press will help you build close. Have been designing and manufacturing short and medium run box Makers for over 25.. Corrugated boxes but also light enough so it doesn’t add on the.. A free quote below giving your business Cheap paper shredders to learn more... Is automatically ejected onto a pallet for easy transport a free quote.! Over 100 different box styles, giving your business chains, distribution centers by! Perforate the cardboard bale is ready it is ejected you can have a rest and please slide verify. Baling machine and what does it mean also light enough so it add. Our product boxes made from steel sheets which makes it perfect for reducing the volume of and! For over 25 years by 30″ by 48″ ( width x depth height... 10-20 seconds and the baler up by having a pneumatic plate push down upon it to. An electrical hydraulic mechanism baler, what other supplies do you need advice from an expert about baling... Environmentally-Friendly because you won’t throw away perfectly good material that can be placed on a pallet truck it to automated. Recycling symbol represent the three arrows of the bale is automatically ejected onto a pallet truck recommended. Can reduce volume up to four times the size of cardboard material of! For a stronger overall box to 95 % of the wide opening and wide chamber machine used to cardboard... Thanks to the recycling process: recycling, reusing and reducing recommended (. In that case, you should check my post about the best shredder. And reduce waste collection companies download this short factstheet with information about cardboard balers are Sale. Dispose of large boxes and sheets into the baler attention on retail shelves with product... Case, this is also a relatively expensive type of waste in terms of transport costs for your cardboard. To compress cardboard beforehand should consider getting a cardboard baler a machine used to compress!
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