I am having a terrbile experience with this company. But they are a rip-off. They must have received a send failure as the email was no longer operational and besides, I had sent many emails asking for help which were ignored. Maybe, maybe not, depends on what you need and the time frame you have to work with. Was looking for a shelf for a fridge. This was over two weeks ago. Like most of the other folks here, I too have found BIGWAREHOUSE to be more trouble than they are worth. Scammers this mob,why hasn’t their site been taken down? Ordered the part on 12.9.2018, then read all these bad reviews. We are also unable to source in the door required, as both types were not suitable. Ordered a main board for an air conditioner after mine fried. If you haven't shopped with them yet, lucky you, AVOID THEM. They lied to them as well. Waiting on a reply. Regular Price: $44.95 . In all my online purchasing I have had one or two faulty products and cancellations. A.No symptom. The plot thickens. Lastly search the net for an exploded parts diagram for your appliance. I have all that. It should have std connectors. Needed a new microwave lamp. It took a bit longer to get here than I would have expected, that and the lack of replies to my emails will put me off using them again. Happily surprised. as i have said earlier, the parts you require can … And the small drain hose, used to drain the filter chamber, would need a hole drilled to bring it out to the front. Ordered a main board for an air conditioner after mine fried. I could have bought this product from overseas for the same delivered price as from BWS and foolishly thought I should support an Australian business. ------------------------------------------------------Order Number: 539371Current Order Status: Goods Dispatched. Not going to buy from them! Other than that, no real problems with the whole experience. Special Price $40.45 . Right heres my experience.I placed an order with Big Spares and never received a receipt. No communication, no customer care. 1; 2; 3; View as: Grid List . Don't bother asking Bigwarehouse spares for information on any of the parts they advertise on the web, they don't reply. After many many emails requesting a refund their so called "customer service" person advised it was too bad and that I shouldn't have returned the item. I was looking for a circuit board for a Panasonic air conditioner. I then checked them out online. No update on full postage costs. They sent me a RHS part for a LHS machine. Ordered a part – a $22 oven thermostat that was stated as 'in stock' when ordered. Stay away from this company as the only real measure of a good company is their actions when things go wrong. I must state I am bias as my company built the site but I know for a fact first hand: I too have had a bad experience. I have just found this forum and I am so disgusted with BigWarehouse Spares I thought I would add my two cents worth DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS COMPANY. They obviously have no way of knowing at this time whether the part is indeed available but after taking your money they try and locate the part.They state that they have 60 days to locate the part which again is nothing more than a ploy to hang on to your money for as long as possible.Once again like many of you they initially were responding to emails but that soon stopped.I spoke to Consumer Affairs about them and gave them all the info that I had and was informed that 60 days was unacceptable and I should demand a refund straight away.This of course fell on deaf ears at BWS.After a while they realised that the part was indeed no longer available from the manufacturer as they initially stated (one phone call in the beginning would have told them that) They then had the cheek to ask me to locate the part inside the microwave to try to find any stickers with a name and part number and then they would proceed to try to find the part overseas, there is nothing in conditions that states that they can obtain parts from overseas. But according to them, so far, it's the correct part. This was 6 weeks after I placed the order. Go to or at least check out Statewide appliances for appliance parts (no affiliation), Adelaide, https://shop.onlineappliancespares.com.au/, it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it, They sell genuine parts with formal agreements with all the suppliers, If its in stock they have it as its linked to their inventory, They have a phone number you can call during business hours to clarify, If they don't have it it will take 7-9 days to get it direct from the manufacturer, Will provide refunds for items that have been unopened and in the same condition they were bought. reply was your package has been delivered. One of those cases of, you always hear about the bad things companies do but never the good things. Will post updates! Not sure if they are living up to this. It turns out the main board also requires a wiring harness which no one seems able to supply. But of course money promptly taken from my account. I called fastway again today and was told their investigation showed the package as lost and that big warehouse put in a claim on July 18th for $330, $110 more than what my dad paid including courier costs. The time to do price comparisons is BEFORE you purchase. This company is the worst group I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. Showing Random 10/86308 Feedback Reviews : Great service. Just got to google street view their 'big warehouse' to realise they don’t live up to their name. Luckily I checked WP, saw this thread, so looked elsewhere. Australia Post tracking of parcel is excellent. When they can,t supply and you want a refund its $20 fee. ------------------------------------------------------Order Number: ******Current Order Status: Goods Dispatched, What are peoples thoughts on wether or not they should cover the return postage? $17.00 for a fridge light that cost only 7.50 in a shop and at ELECTROLUX themselves$14.00 postage for an item that weights less then 50gramms including package and 3.50 insurance cover for us to cover what you have robbed already, a total of $34.50 was taken out of my credit card, this is daylight robbery. If only I had followed my own advice to others and looked here first.Under no circumstances deal with Big Warehouse Spares.They are charging me $83.40 inc P&H for a part I now find I can purchase from the manufacturer & picked up locally for $8.90.I tried to cancel my order but they refuse to reply.I too have contacted the Office of Fair Trading as this is anything but fair. Please folks...do not buy from the bigwarhouse unless you must, they are vastly over priced. Unfortunately we have a strict no returns policy for incorrect choice or change of mind. Now, this is only small cheese $, but I won't go near these guys again. This bigwarehouse spares would carry less than one percent of the parts they have listed., The reason they do not contact you back, is because they have no news , on the time for delivery for said parts,They would be ordering the part from the appropriate supplier .as i have said earlier, the parts you require can be had cheaper and quicker with a bit of investigation on Google. No contact and no part received. Have they been shut down by the ACCC? Ordered the part on 12.9.2018, then read all these bad reviews. My friend at work is having a similar problem. I'm sure others have had bad experiences with BigWarehouse Spares but mine was good. I ordered a part a few days ago, and shortly afterwards received an email confirming it had been dispatched. Statewide have manuals on many appliances, jordans manuals (they also have a good search/parts finder engine). The shipping portion of the checkout is the most shady, DO NOT CLICK "NOT SURE" as they will charge you for courier post which is hella expensive. Sent two further emails pointing out that actually isn't legal in Australia and our situation does qualify under Australia Consumer Law but they won't reply any more so I guess we're off to Fair Trading now. BigWarehouse will pay the delivery for any item(s) over $30 that fit inside a 500g Delivery Satchel bag (including packaging). Try to get an exploded part diagram for your appliance. You can only see the last 30 but there is nothing to stop that being very selective and possibly very misleading. When the courier arrived a few days later I told them to return the product to the supplier. My dad needed a replacement battery for his Samsung robot vaccum.He found https://bigwarehouse.com.au/ and they had a replacement so he bought it and paid extra for it to be sent by a courier with insurance as we have had parcels go missing before. They are more-or-less mirror opposites. I later checked the Australian Post tracking system, it was picked up shortly after I sent the email. I said Yes, 3 weeks go by, and nothing so I contact them again. Im in sydney too which may explain the time taken for the delivery. A couple of days later, BWS emailed to say that the part I really needed, the shelf, was unavailable and did I still want to proceed with the rest of my order? They took my money and then advised that "due to a freight problem" there would be a delay. Got shipment notification with Auspost tracking id yesterday (< 24 hrs after order!) Ahhh yes saw your site saying you frequent Whirlpool. I then asked for a refund for the guaranteed (in-stock) items that weren't supplied which was ignored. Spares.bigwarehouse.com.au showed they had my part available. Web site clearly stated my order would be processed in 3-7 days. https://www.dropbox.com/l/0mmNWipGOvDyRTE7d36Wjq. Showing 1 to 30 out of 76 total. Especially if they are local and you can drop in. Hi one Saturday the 2/7/2016 I posted about Big Warehouse Spares. Tough if your fridge machine is busted and you have salad freezing. I was looking to buy a replacement rubber clutch disc for our KitchenAid blender. It's the drain pump assembly (which also has a filter accessed by a small door at the front of the machine near floor level). Today I am having one last attempt to get a response from their hilariously entitled 'customer service' team and then will have to start a credit chargeback. They as of now list more than 1 million sections from all the enormous brands. Edit: I have requested a refund and they say they will now give me one. Charset : utf-8. I spoke to my sis who ordered new parts for her washing machine and asked where she got the parts and she sent the big warehouse spares link and I told her they are scammers and she did say it took over three weeks for the parts to arrive. The part says "available" on their site which means "we can get it from somewhere" NOT "we have it in stock" – their Terms and Conditions then state that if you order an "available" item then they have up to 60 days to fulfil the order. There has been no explanation. No answer. It did arrive after like maybe 3 months. To my surprise the part arrived on 19.9.2018. Cannot be fixed. We have 9 bigwarehouse.com.au Coupon Codes as of November 2020 Grab a free coupons and save money. Sorry to dig up an old post but I've just had a poor experience with these guys. I think that because I did this, my item was dispatched quickly. A reply came back they would request an update from the parts supplier and contact me as soon as they had further information.On the 7/7/2016 I demanded my money back, as they still had not sent the part or said what was happening.They replied that same day, saying non-refundable order as they had ordered the part and said read the terms on conditions on their web page.I wrote back and said I wanted my money back and detailed to them what I expected them to refund. per page. I'll keep anyone interested in this, posted on here on the journey. The order confirmation said dispatch 4 – 9 days. Item took 3 months to arrive!!! Mardi ( EMERALD, QLD ) Great service. Emailed them again and asked for a contact phone number only to be told they do not provide that information to customers. Edit: Tracking info just went live – package is in transit. I would have to spend double the amount to fix my washing machine. After some investigation it appears they had an old email address on file from an old order that was associated with my name and apparently the confirmation was sent there. But then: 1. The unfortunate thing is a poster on page 1 said for people to do a google search for "bigwarehouse spares review"....It comes up like a bum stain on the bed sheets of the internet. I ordered a part on the 29/01/20. This eventually pin holes the hose and activates the anti-flood. 1st thought is what does a new microwave cost? They do want a review and now see at least %30 of the reviews are 1star, very poor. I'm thinking at the moment either Monday or Tuesday before I see anything ... if this goes well of course. B.W.S. I've added another one. Exact mirror image of what I needed when I needed a LH hose. Still yet to receive but no complaints. It was delivered a few weeks later and still functions.Maybe parts availablity is a problem.I ordered some parts from a different company for another appliance and they delivered the wrong parts.Turned out the manufacturer had mislabeled their own parts with the wrong part numbers. Product was marked as available . Pretty good result. I'd explore this further except that I can't be bothered wasting more time with this crowd. I suspect the original assembly used in the WD-8013F is LG part 5859ER1001K and that Big Warehouse have sent me LG part 5859EN1004B. This once again is another ploy to hang on to your money for as long as possible.At this point after receiving no replies at all from them I contacted my bank and initiated a CHARGEBACK as it was purchased with a credit card, I gave my bank all the details of the order and also some of the initial email correspondence I had with them. I am also in the process of preparing my complaints to Fair Trading and Consumer Affairs in the hope that other poor fools such as myself avoid this company. Take the time to lodge your complaint, have it heard and you will get your money back under court order. The part, in itself is fine! I couldn’t find the part on eBay except in the UK, nor from other local spare part sites. Well guess what, they kept the money and the part and I am now out of pocket $321. These were sorted out promptly. Sort By. The tracking number has an FXF prefix which apparently is a FedEx tracking number, but it's not recognised by their website either. Ordered a specific part for my washing machine as detailed on their website. All the same problems. He was fine with that assured me no extra cost would be included and sent an email about 10 minutes after our phone call confirming the changes. These guys are flat out criminals. It's pretty stupid that the site states that "available" items are available from the manufacturer and they actually have to order the part, receive it and then dispatch it to you. Packaging wise there was no issues, everything was packed well and nothing was damaged. Meantime any attempt to cancel the order will meet with the "you ticked our Terms and conditions" box. Statewide appliances are cheaper and quicker. Another disappointment using Bigwarehouse. Multiply that by their thousands of unhappy customers. Installed it and it works fine. Be extremely wary of purchasing anything from BWS, ripoff pricing plus high "insurance" and freight costs. I have purchased from this company a few times. Remote Control unit Date: Fan motor on … I posted above for someone at work. I cannot cancel as they said that the part has been ordered from the manufacturer and referred me to the fine print. Meantime had to buy a new fridge. Tracking says Auspost actually has processed the item. Having over 20 years in Logistics, I checked the part numbers and found it was not the part number I had ordered, I also noticed there was a price difference so I returned it by registered post with a tracking number so I could follow it's progress for a full refund. I have told them if they do not supply a phone number to get it resolved within 24 hours I will lodge a dispute with my credit card company and have the payment refunded. edit:oh ....I posted in this thread some time back...looks like the same old same old story on the bigflophouse has reared it head again! arg...they will not refund, this I know. I got the same reply as above. I queried and was told the part was available. They say they will source what you are looking for but they don't. Don't bother with them mate! These crooks just think they get the last laugh, but thanks to something called online reviews, they will learn the hard way that you can't treat your customers and get away with it scott free. Can you take the harness off the old system board? I offered to pay freight both ways to swap but they refused. After repeated failed emails to their customer service team to confirm the order (you cant ring them because they dont take calls), I sent an email cancelling the order. It looks like they offer free shipping, and in fact their 'Not Sure' option is listed as 0.00, and you click to buy and are charged a shipping insurance fee of $3, and 15 minutes later $15 delivery fee for a $13 part. This is what the small claims court is for. Look, the part (it was a filter for a kitchen range exhaust) is perfect but the time it took to arrive was quite lengthy and I suspect if I hadn't followed up on it they wouldn't have either. That site above has the "Google Trusted Store" pop up in lower right. Had a great phone call with the FT people a week later. Finally got my part also. I explained to him to send over what was available if possible. https://goo.gl/maps/tzYPzhpyY9k here you go, (Did a reverse lookup of fax number)http://www.reverseaustralia.com/lookup/0280808122/#. Customer service is non existant, I'm a pensioner, and like many people here ordered a remote control for my air conditioner cost $129.14 from Bigwarehouse, they debited my bank account for $131.17. Even use bigwarehouse for exploded parts diagrams (Bigwarehouse does not use many mfgrs part numbers but use exploded diagram ref number). Anyway BigFlophouse wants $26 + P&P. $50. I've created a google location for this mob for those that want to review them. Eventually they will get enough complaints that something will be done about it. But yeah, you've overpaid for bad service in any case. I'd buy again but threads like these do concern me. Considering the volume of dissatisfied customers I'm surprised they are still in business...NEVER AGAIN !!! I received a tracking number shortly after ordering and the part arrived just fine. I am posting here in the hope that others may benefit from my mistake. Dimensions 350mm x 220mm flat bag, Remember to allow for packaging Dimensions 350mm x 220mm flat bag, Remember to allow for packaging So I ordered from Bigwarehouse Spares last week for my dad, he needed a new water inlet valve for our fridge. Their web page is interesting in relation to reviews. Tracking number is now registered on Aust Post and notes it's coming from Corrimal, NSW as eParcel. Signage matches, though Google dates photo as 2013 so... may not be current. Fridge I repaired was up and running with 3 days of buying parts online – and am now lodging a charge back for all fees charged by this "company".